Windows 10 November Update Threshold 2

10.0.10525 · Version 1511

Build 10525 for pc screenshot

10.0.10525.0 18 August 2015

User Interface

  • When colors for start, taskbar and Action Center are enabled, title bars will now also be affected

Microsoft Edge

  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 12.10240 to version 12.10525 with the following updates
    • Base for Object RTC support


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Colors for start, the taskbar and Action Center now also apply to title bars
  • Visual updates and others
    • The Settings-icon on the taskbar no longer has a background color
    • The Settings-tile is now transparent for non-fresh installs too


  • Improved memory management

Known issues

  • Mobile hotspots don’t work in this build
  • 64 bit Google Chrome will crash on launch
Windows 10
November Update

18 August 2015

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