Windows 10 November Update Threshold 2

10.0.10576 · Version 1511

Build 10576 for pc screenshot

10.0.10576.0 29 October 2015

User Interface

  • The context menus in start no longer use the user's accent color
  • The title bar of WinRT apps will now take the color of the splash screen while starting
  • Some context menus have been updated with a new design
  • The text that is shown while preparing your account has been updated

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 23.10565 to version 25.10576 with the following updates
    • You can now use "Ask Cortana" when reading a PDF
    • Casting media to device now fully works
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 13.10565 to version 13.10576 with the following updates
    • Improved support for ECMAScript 6
  • The following flags have been added
    • The experimental Javascript functions option is now functional


  • New panels, settings and options
    • The default apps are now marked as "Recommended for Windows 10" on the Default apps page
    • There is a new "Learn more" link in Windows Update that is supposed to give you info on the latest updates


  • The build number of a public build no longer has to be dividable by 16
  • WebM and VP9 support has been removed (will return in a later build)
  • Improvements to localization text UI in various languages

Other features

  • Improved performance for running Hyper-V machines within each other

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the Xbox app would consume gigabytes of memory on your PC when any Win32 game is installed that is identified as a game in the Xbox app
  • The Search box will now work again in a location that Cortana is not supported

Known issues

  • Notification sounds get reduced by 75% for a period of time
  • Upgrading will cause the loss of all your Skype messages and contacts in the Messaging app
  • On small formfactors with rotation or virtual mode, screen size set larger than the physical screen will experience bluescreens when upgrading
  • Surface Pro 3s may shut down instead of going into sleep when using the power button
Windows 10
November Update

29 October 2015

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