Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14251 · Version 1607

Build 14251 for pc screenshot

10.0.14251.1000 27 January 2016

And further

  • The build syncs the PC and mobile version, bumping it to 14251

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where some PC games would crash
  • Fixes an issue where Narrator, Magnifier and other third-party assistive programs may encounter issues
  • Fixes an issue where File Explorer would crash on 175%

Known issues

  • A WSClient.dll error dialog might appear after logging in
  • The Connect button does not appear in Action Center
  • Apps may periodically crash or other memory related issues
  • F12 Developer Tools in Edge are broken
  • Using "Reset This PC" would make your PC unusable
Windows 10
Anniversary Update

27 January 2016

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