Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14361 · Version 1607

Build 14361 for pc screenshot

10.0.14361.0 8 June 2016

Start and Action Center

  • The margin at the top off start is now smaller
  • Scrollbars will now disappear in start as soon as you leave their active area
  • The size of icons in Action Center has been decreased from 64x64 to 48x48

Cortana and search

  • Cortana should now listen more reliably after tapping the mic button
  • Cortana's home UI no longer shows your cards but hints and a button to show the cards


  • WIN + Alt + D can now open the clock flyout

User Interface

  • A number of icons, like the Blu-Ray icon and network icon have been updated
  • The circling line-loading icon has been replaced globally with the circling dots-loading icon again

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 38.14352 to version 38.14361 with the following updates
    • Download notificaions in Edge now include filenames, download status and site domain on separate lines
  • The following flags have been added
    • TCP Fast Open is disabled by default but can be enabled
    • A flag has been added to enable Standard Fullscreen API


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Active hours can now be set to a range of up to 12 hours instead of 10
    • Windows Defender will no longer sow recap notification in normal mode
    • Notifications has been added under "Privacy" to change which apps have access to your notifications
    • "Activation" now has a description to help people change their product key
  • Visual updates and others
    • Some of the options under Network and Internet > Status now have an icon and description
    • The app has received a visual overhaul with a new active-indication for panels and the home button located above the search bar and taking the full width of the sidebar
    • The sidebar and title bar are now white or black, depending on your color, instead of gray
    • Titles in the app are slightly larger

Ink Workspace

  • The Windows Ink ruler is now longer to make it cover the screen of a Surface Book
  • The Touch Ink icon has been changed to better resemble the Workspace icon
  • Sketchpad's thumbnail should now load faster
  • "Clear all" is now its own seperate button instead of being part of the "Erase"-button
  • Notes now stay on the desktop after closing the Sticky Notes workspace


  • Windows 10 now provides support for Hyper-V containers


  • The Feedback Hub has a cleaner UI
  • The color-selector for Sticky Notes has been redesigned
  • Before removing a note, Sticky Notes will now warn you

Other features

  • Task Manager settings will now be saved after upgrading to a new build

And further

  • Windows now identifies itself as version 1607

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the pencil tool in Ink would not be flush along the ruler
  • Fixes a minor flicker visible when the color section in for the Pen, Pencil and Highlighter is opened
  • Fixes an issue that caused navigation in Windows Apps like Netflix and Tweetium to not work
  • Fixes an issue in Edge and Internet Explorer that caused websites like YouTube to fail to render
  • Fixes an issue in Edge that caused the swipe-gesture to go back being partially visible for no reason
  • Fixes an issue in Edge that caused icons to disappear after changing the DPI settings
  • Fixes an issue where thumbnails for DNG files where not shown in File Explorer
  • Fixes an issue with clipping on the bottom or side of context menus in start
  • Fixes an issue where pressing the Enter-key would now submit your Wi-Fi password in the network fly out
  • Fixes the focus being lost from the search field after using backspace
  • Fixes an issue that kept apps like Photos from changing the desktop background
  • Fixes an issue where opening Sticky Notes from Start wouldn't dismiss Start
  • Fixes an issue that prevented you from making a profile picture with the camera in Settings
  • Fixes an issue where the Command Prompt wouldn't be maximized correctly on high DPI monitors
  • Fixes an issue where Command Prompt wouldn't refresh when executing an upwards Ctrl + F search with long output of text
  • Fixes an issue where the taskbar's volume icon would show a wrong state for 0% and muted
  • Fixes an issue where applying a new save location in Storage Settings would result in any other not-saved changes being lost

Known issues

  • If your base is a French install (and not a (e.g.) English install with a French language pack), you won't receive this build
  • Text prediction using Japanese IME will freeze your device
    • You can prevent this by disabling text prediction
  • Navigating to Privacy in Settings will crash the Settings app
  • If you click on a download link outside of Edge, Edge will open a tab, close it again and do nothing
    • You can go to the downloads hub to start the download
  • Chinese and Portuguese (Brazil) won't be able to launch start while installing an app
Windows 10
Anniversary Update

8 June 2016

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