Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14371 · Version 1607

Build 14371 for pc screenshot

10.0.14371.0 22 June 2016

User Interface

  • The Action Center now has an animation when notifications are deleted or moved by Windows

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 38.14367 to version 38.14371 with the following updates
    • When a download is opened outside of Edge, Edge will now launch with the download hub enabled


  • Visual updates and others
    • The 3D display state will now be saved when upgrading


  • You can now troubleshoot activations
  • It is now possible to link your Microsoft Account to your digital license

Other features

  • Improved learning speed and prediction in the Japanese IME
  • Improved sound and network icon on non-standard DPI settings
  • Improved reliability for the Action Center

Fixed issues

  • Narrator will now work again when toggled in the Settings app
  • Narrator will now speak at a normal speed again
  • Fixes an issue where the Japanese IME would hang for a short time
  • Fixes an issue where keyboard focus would move to the next favorite when editing the name of a favorite causes the caret to go beyond the end of the textbox
  • Fixes an issue where pressing enter would not trigger Edge to navigate to that URL of you opened a tab and started typing shortly afterwards
  • MPEG-2 videos will no longer show the wrong duration in the Movies and TV app
  • Fixes an issue where the "Scan options" text in Defender would be clipped on High-DPI screens
  • Fixes an issue where offline scan event wasn't correctly formatted and would show an exposed parameter in the Event Logs
  • Fixes an issue where the permission dialog for a new extension in Edge appears under the favorites bar
  • Fixes the "Please allow third party cookies in your browser"-error on some websites when using OneNote Web Clipper in Edge
  • Fixes an issue that caused the Action Center icon to be clipped by the Show desktop icon at 225% DPI
  • Fixes an issue that caused old appointments to show up between today's events
  • Fixes an issue that caused some keys to stop working when switching between the OCT and HEX mode
  • Fixes an issue where pressing Enter in the calculator would open the menu instead of calculating the result
  • Fixes an issue where the VPN Settings page could freeze when pressing Connect
  • Fixes an issue that caused VPN to attempt to automatically connect over metered networks when "Allow VPN over metered connection" is off
  • Fixes an issue where the Settings icon would be missing from Background apps and Data usage settings page
  • Fixes an issue where content in the Windows Insider Program page could be truncated
  • Fixes an issue with File Explorer that made it show two copies of a picture or screenshot taken on a phone whne that phone is connected to the PC while only one file exists on the phone
  • Fixes a glitching animation and missing animation when going to the All apps list and tile grid in start in tablet mode
  • Fixes the "The VPN connection needs your sign-in info"-notification showing up twice in Action Center when one needed to be displayed
  • Fixes an issue that caused some PDFs to not print
  • Fixes an issue where a focus box was sometimes visible in start, preventing type-to-search from working

Known issues

  • Clicking the network and VPN toggles in the network fly out won't launch the network settings
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Anniversary Update

22 June 2016

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21 June 2016

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