Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14376 · Version 1607

Build 14376 for pc screenshot

10.0.14376.0 28 June 2016

User Interface

  • Windows Hello will no longer show your name when logging in


  • Improved consistency in scrolling and zooming speeds between monitors when using a multiple-monitor setup with a precision touchpad


  • Messaging Everywhere has been removed from the Messaging app

Other features

  • Narrator now supports using physical volume buttons to change the volume while Narrator is in Scan mode

Fixed issues

  • Clicking the networks or VPN Quick Action now opens the network settings page
  • Fixes an issue where the networks flyout only showed the link to the settings page
  • Fixes an issue where enabling Developer Mode would result in an error due to packages on Windows Update not being available
  • Fixes a crash that would occure in Narrator when arrowing through list entries
  • Fixes an issue that could keep you grom typing in some UWP apps
  • Fixes an issue that could result in some Polish characters being typed twice in UWP apps
  • Fixes an issue where the lock screen background could be displayed incorrectly
  • Fixes an issue where your password would become hidden when editing while using the reveal button
  • Fixes an issue where the search box in the settings app would be displayed above the search box instead of below it
  • Fixes an issue where the "For developers" settings would be blank when searchring for optional packages
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in no handwriting, speech or other optional components being listed in language settings
  • Fixes an issue that prevented "Set time zone automatically" from being enabled
  • Fixes an issue where the icons in some tiles would appear zoomed in
  • Fixes an issue that might cause Explorer.exe to crash when Edge sends a notification
  • Fixes an issue where the carret would go back to the begin of a line instead of remembering its y axis position when uising the up and down arrows in a textbox in Edge
  • Fixes an issue resulting in an authentication error when launching mstsc.exe from an elevated Command Prompt
Windows 10
Anniversary Update

5 July 2016


28 June 2016

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