Changing Windows one build at a time

With ChangeWindows, we want to provide you with a full and as detailed as possible changelog about everything new in Windows.


The color used to indicate a build's main branch is always the color of the lowest ring it is in (the lowest ring is LTSB) (the build overview also uses the lowest ring for any platform that build is available for), otherwise, the color of the branch that applies is used.

What we cover

Building a good and reliable changelog for Windows is a very hard task, which is why we have decided to draw somewhere the line for what we should cover and what we shouldn't. Here are some of our basic rules:

  • Updates are listed with their parent build in build overviews. On the release timelines and milestone overviews, they are listed individually.
  • We only cover builds that are part of Windows 8 and any future version. Only Windows 10 builds as of build 10240 contain information about updates, with the exception of Update 1, Update 2 and Update 3 for Windows 8.1.
  • We do not cover app updates that are not related to their build, despite Microsoft mentioning such changes in their announcements. These announcements are always about past app updates that are available to older builds as well. Fresh installing these new builds won't give you the announced versions either without updating through the Windows Store.

Version share chart

We keep track of the market share between individual versions of Windows 10 (not builds, versions). This chart is an estimation based on market share. There is a margin of error and the actual numbers might differ.


If you use our app, ChangeWindows will support a number of Cortana-commands.

  • Show [the] next [major] [feature] [release]

We're working on more, be sure to check here every now and then!


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