Windows 10 version 1511

10.0.10547 · Threshold 2 · November Update


18 Sep '15

Start and Action center

  • You can now show either 3 or 4 medium tiles per group
  • The letters in the app list now take less space when "Show more tiles" is enabled
  • Tiles now can have jumplists
  • The context menus for tiles have been reorganized and provide quick links to share and review apps
  • Desktop app tiles now can have their own color
  • Start now supports up to 2048 tiles (up from 512)

Cortana and search

  • Cortana now works on local accounts


  • Task View now allows to snap apps to the screen or replace apps
  • When you snap a window and select another window to snap beside it, you can resize both windows at once (only horizontal)

User Interface

  • Context menus have now have a grey design instead of white
  • The look for dropdowns has been changed system wide
  • Windows Apps now have an opening and closing animation
  • Some icons have been replaced

Microsoft Edge

  • Edge has been updated from version 20.10532 to version 21.10547 with the following updates
    • You can now open proxy settings from within the Microsoft Edge settings
    • Edge has a new First start-home page
    • You can now share media to other screens
    • When a page is properly paginated, the next button will light up to go to the next page
    • Tabs won't resize when you're closing tabs until your mouse leaves the tab bar
  • EdgeHTML has been updated from version 12.10532 to version 13.10547 with the following updates
    • Extended support for HTML5 and CSS3
    • Support for the download-attribute in an anchor
    • Support for the picture-element
    • Support for :in-range, :out-of-range, :read-only and :read-write
    • Support for font-size-adjust
    • Support for input type=datetime-local
    • Support for ellipses
    • Support for Object RTC
    • Support for HTML Templates
    • Improved support for ECMAScript 7


  • New panels, settings and options
    • Windows Spotlight can now be set as the lock screen for Pro users
    • You can now disable the background for the logon screen
    • You can now (dis)allow apps to access your call history
    • You can now (dis)allow apps to access and send emails
    • You can now make Windows select the correct time zone automatically
    • You can now choose to shuffle backgrounds when using a slideshow
    • You can let Windows notify you when there are issues with any USB-connected device
    • The Insider settings now show your account details and allow you to stop receiving builds for a limited amount of days
    • The Control Panel's Theme Settings have been extended, back to the state from Windows 8.1
    • There is a new system in place to warn you for common issues when using the Insider Preview
  • Visual updates and others
    • The "Storage" tab now has icons for each file format


  • Windows Apps can now have jumplists
  • Multiple apps now use a colored icon (Windows Store, Mail, Calendar, Calculator, etc.)

Other features

  • Improvements to the text input panel, including expanding when more space is required and punctuation improvements
  • New emojis have been added
  • The "Environmental Variables" window has been reworked

Fixed issues

  • Multiple issues have been fixed that would trigger a critical error dialog when using Start
  • The Action center icon will no longer light up when there aren't any new notifications
  • Fixes an issue where the battery fly-out would be rendered incorrectly in some languages
  • Multiple issues with audio have been resolved

Known issues

  • Windows Store apps might fail to update automatically
  • When using notepad from the command line to open a file with just the file name will trigger a permission error
  • Clicking on toggles in the Action center to quickly might cause the Windows Shell to block and no longer open any fly-outs like battery, audio, network, etc.