Windows 10 November Update Threshold 2

10.0.10567 · Version 1511

10.0.10567.1004 13 October 2015

And further

  • App shannels now support favorites

Fixed issues

  • Fixes issue that caused the screen to dim
  • Media apps like Netflix, Hulu and others should no longer freeze of experience stuttering
  • Crashes with Edge have been resolved
  • Cable/Satellite set top box compatibility is not entierly functional
  • Dolby Digital surround sound won't work in Live TV
  • The "Xbox Snap TV" command does now work
  • You are now able to navigate Live TV with voice commands again
  • Xbox One Media Remote now functions properly again after resuming from connected standby
  • You will no longer see a black screen after boot
  • My Games & Apps now functions correctly in China and Korea and will no longer crash
  • Tiles on the home screen will no longer flicker when a game is being installed from a disc

10.0.10567.1008 15 October 2015

Fixes issues

  • When downloading an update for a game, it will no longer display massive download sizes when there isn't enough space
  • Game DVR no longer crashes when snapped

10.0.10567.1015 17 October 2015

And further

  • A number of improvements have been made to the UI and performance

Fixes issues

  • The Guide will now update the friends list correctly again
  • The screen will no longer freeze when using the Xbox while installing an update
  • You will no longer see a "wireless network hardware on this console is not working" when connection to a wireless network
  • The Xbox can now detect network again when an external drive is attached
  • The dashboard will no longer crash when moving from home to store
  • Live TV will no longer have no audio when resuming from connected standby
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