Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14352 · Version 1607

Build 14352 for xbox screenshot

10.0.14352.1015 6 June 2016


  • Cortana is now available on Xbox One and integrated in the dashboard
  • The "Xbox"-voice command has been replaced with "Hey Cortana"
  • You can now use your headset for voice commands
  • "My games & apps" is now displayed on the top right corner of your dashboard's main page
  • The dashboard will now display download and installation progress for games and apps you're installing

My Games & Apps

  • The game collection is now vertically oriented
  • Games you own but don't have installed now apear in a "Ready to Install" tab
  • You can now change the size of tiles in your games collection
  • You can now click on a letter to show the jump list
  • The RB and LB buttons have been replaced with LT and RT to be more consistent with the dashboard
  • You can now see the speed with which your games are downloaded
  • The Queue tab now shows you your most recent installed games and apps

Activity feed

  • Content from Win32-games can now show up in your Activity feed (game clip and screenshot)
  • You now have more control over what is posted on the Acitivty feed

Xbox Store

  • The Xbox Store app is no longer integrated in the OS itself, and can be updated seperately through the Store
  • The Xbox Store has received a major redesign, bringing it in line with the Windows Store on PC and Mobile
  • You can now place a review and upvote other reviews
  • Sales are now indicated clearly in searches and lists
  • A number of new channels are available to find new games

Settings and behavior

  • When starting or shuting down the console with the controller, it will now make a beep-noise
  • TV's that use overscanning can now be compensated by showing borders around apps

And further

  • You can now communicate with gamers playing a Win32-game, including party chats, game clips and screenshots
  • You can now search on Facebook for friends

10.0.14352.1020 8 June 2016

Settings and behavior

  • You can now enable and disable SmartScreen
  • You can now enable and disable Advertising ID

Fixed issues

  • EA Access trialers and vault titles will now install and launch as expected
  • Play-To will now initiate as expected
  • Fixes an issue where games where installed in the wrong language
  • Fixes an error that would keep you from selecting which content you want to share in the Activity Feed settings

10.0.14352.1024 11 June 2016

Xbox Store

  • Searcing for a specific category in the store will now show more relevant content
  • Games and apps are now filtered in the search results
  • EA Access vault titles will now show a download/install button on the corresponding pages

Fixed issues

  • When returning to the dashboard with "Hey Cortana, go home" the screen will no longer turn black and give an error
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the Xbox Preview Dashboard to freeze when navigating through your content (Quests, Announcements, Surveys, Rate this update, etc.)
  • Fixes an issue that would remove games and apps after applying a system update
  • Fixes an issue that would keep consumable DLCs (like coins, points, currentcies, etc.) from appearing in-game after purchase
  • Fixes an issue that caused a "Not compatible with this device"-error or a fail to load in the Blu-Ray Player
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