Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1

10.0.14366 · Version 1607

10.0.14366.1005 20 June 2016

Xbox Store

  • When you buy a pre-order, the funds will be deducted 10 days or less in advance of the release of that game

Settings and behavior

  • The interface language and keyboard language are no longer tied to the region

10.0.14366.1006 21 June 2016


  • The product detail page has an updated layout
  • Users can now read text-based reviews in the product details, additional to star-ratings
  • You can now vote on which review is helpful
  • The "Additional information" section has been improved to quickly provide info on co-op or multiplayer support, the game's file size, etc.
  • The search results have been improved
  • A number of new filter capabilities are introduced like filtering search results and browsing by game genre
  • The price and ownership state is now displayed on lists so you no longer need to go to the product details
  • The Store's browse and search results will now show "Strikethrough pricing" to show which items are on sale
  • The Store now supports "Xbox Play Anywhere"-titles

Fixed issues

  • The Store's UI will no longer appear to zoom in when confirming your payment information

10.0.14366.1011 23 June 2016

Fixed issues

  • You can now buy, rent and play movies and TV show from the Store
  • Fixes an issue where Xbox Live Gold subscribers would see the wrong price
  • Game and app installations in progress will now continue when the device goes in standby when Instant-On is enabled

10.0.14366.1016 27 June 2016

Cortana and search

  • Cortana will now respond on commands immediately
  • Cortana will now recognize game and app launches better although announcing what is being launched is delayed
  • Cortana is now ready to be used when the console starts up instead of after sign in

Fixed issues

  • You'll no longer see a ""We can't save more data for this game or app" error when launching a game or app
  • Launching Movies & TV and playing a video, the menu will no longer obstruct part of the screen
  • Cortana will no longer launch a web search when asking "Hey Cortana, launch [game/app]"
  • Edge will no longer crash when pressing the left thumbstick while playing a video
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