Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.14915 · Version 1703

Build 14915 for mobile screenshot

10.0.14915.1000 31 August 2016

Microsoft Edge

EdgeHTML 14.14915

  • Partial support for Webkit-Text-Stroke and outline-offset
  • Partial support for WebRTC 1.0


  • "Enable New Editing Command Implementation" has been added
  • "Enable New Serialization for Clipboard Implementation" has been added
  • "Enable TSF 3D Implementation" has been added



  • Sound settings will now show ringtones, alarms and notifications automatically when downloaded from OneDrive or copied from File Explorer into the Ringtones folder


  • The "You need to fix your MSA" notification logic has been improved so new ones will no longer follow each other in quick succession


  • A number of improvements have been made to translations

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that caused apps to get stuck in a pending state when moving them between the SD card and internal storage
  • Fixes an issue that caused Cortana's text-to-speech capabilities to not work
  • Fixes an issue where Settings would crash on some editions of Windows 10
  • Fixes an issue where your Ring settings would not work
  • Fixes a compatibility issue that caused some apps like Yahoo Mail, Trivia Crack and others to crash
  • Fixes an issue where going into Microsoft Edge's advanced settings would cause download in Edge to be saved to the default location instead of the location set under Settings > System > Storage
  • Fixes an issue where Continuum-capable devices would temporarily be unable to connect to a previously paired Windows 10 PC
Windows 10
Creators Update

6 September 2016


31 August 2016

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