Windows 10 version 1703

10.0.14955 · Redstone 2 · Creators Update


25 Oct '16

Ink Workspace

  • The protractor will now keep showing the degree until you start drawing again
  • The degree visual will now have a white background instead of red


  • Narrator can now explain context of whatever it is reading
  • You can now use Caps Lock + / to read the current active window title
  • Narrator will now recognize edit boxes better in Scan Mode on the web
  • Improved reliability of continuous reading when changing focus

Other features

  • Updated advanced properties in Sounds control panel to allow you to select 24 and 32 bit at 176400Hz, and 16, 24 and 32 bit at 352800 Hz as the default format for devices that support it
  • USB Audio 2.0 devices are now named by using the make/model instead of a generic name

And further

  • The Trusted Platform Module Management control panel has been updated to provide more info when the TPM is "Not ready for use" or "Ready for use, with reduced functionality"

Fixed issues

  • Signing in to apps like Feedback Hub, Groove, MSN News, etc. with a Microsoft Account if you sign out will now work correctly again
  • Fixes an issue where precision touchpad was mis-classifying presses when mousing with one finger and pressing with another
  • Fixes an issue where "Reset touchpad" would appear on PCs that don’t support precision touchpad
  • Fixes an issue where the 4-Finger gesture graphic would be viewable in Settings on PCs that support only 3-contact
  • Fixes an issue where Paint.NETs horizontal scrolling was broken
  • Fixes an issue where continuous reading would stop when it shouldn't in Narrator
  • Fixes an issue where Task MAanger would open in its default view, instead of the view that was used before it was closed
  • Fixes an issue where partitioning a USB drive in DiskPart owuld result in an "The system cannot find the file specified" error
  • Fixes an issue where some USB drives would fail to mount automatically of in Device Maanger
  • Fixes an issue where the Accessibility settings would fail to raom down-level to PCs running Windows 10 Anniversary Update which could result in performance issues
  • Fixes an issue where Settings would crash when copying hardware properties from the Wi-Fi page
  • Fixes an issue where files were no longer automatically selected when being pasted into a folder in File Explorer
  • Fixes an issue that caused users to be unable to add a Time or Place to Reminders in Cortana
  • Fixes an issue where Edge would not allow dragging content out of the browser to other apps
  • Fixes an issue where Microsoft edge would crash when clicking the share button to share PDFs to Mail

Known issues

  • If you are running 3rd party antivirus software you might fail to install this build and will be rolled back to the previous build
  • The protractor in Sketchpad might cause the Ink Workspace to crash