Windows 10 version 1703

10.0.14986 · Redstone 2 · Creators Update

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7 Dec '1614 Dec '16

Cortana + search

  • Cortana can now shut down, restart and lock your device
  • Cortana can now change the volume of your device
  • You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more apps
  • Cortana will now remember what music app was used last time and open it by default if no app is specified
  • While listening to a radio station, you can ask Cortana to identify the song
  • Cortana can now recognize music in Chinese
  • If the device is idle, saying "Hey Cortana" will show a full screen UI optimized for long distance reading
  • Cortana now supports sign-in with Azure Active Directory identity to allow you to sign-in with your work or school account
  • The microphone icon for Cortana has been updated

Taskbar + Action center

  • The "Settings" entry in the taskbar context menu has been renamed "Taskbar settings"

File Explorer

  • The "Open command window here" context menu item has been replaced with "Open PowerShell window here"

Microsoft Edge

Edge 39.14986

  • Console filter settings will persist for buttons and context menu
  • Improved ES6 Modules debugging experience

EdgeHTML 15.14986

  • Support for the Brotli compressed data format (on by default) as an HTTP content-encoding method
  • Updated the MS-prefixed FIDO 2.0 implementation to match the latest W3C Web Authentication specification
  • Partial support for CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables)
  • Preliminary support for the IntersectionObserver API
  • Async/await is on by default
  • DOM performance improvements


  • "Core platform support for Fetch abstraction" has been added
  • "Preliminary implementation of the Payment Request DOM API" has been added
  • "Support for the individual transform syntax for CSS transforms" has been added



  • The settings to change saving locations have been moved to their own page in Storage settings
  • The Storage usage page has been redesigned and categories are now ordered from highest usage to lowest


  • A new Enterprise Cloud Printers discovery UI is now available

Network & Internet

  • The Data usage page now shows a bar graph instead of a circle
  • Data usage details for individual apps now show usage as a bar


  • You can now enable the Virtual Touchpad icon from within settings

Update & security

  • Windows Update will now ask you to schedule a pending update if no good timeslot to automatically update can be found


  • The icons for full screen searches have been made smaller to allow for more results

Ink Workspace

  • You can now start working on a previous screen sketch
  • The ink pen, pencil and highlighter now show a preview of what it looks like to use the currently selected color and thickness
  • The ruler can now be rotated in sub degree increments
  • The cursor will no longer be shown when you are using ink


  • This update is being rolled out with the Unified Update Platform
  • New rendering technology for content in UWP apps
  • Windows will now temporarily prefer the Microsoft driver for USB Audio 2.0 over a third party driver
  • The handwriting panel will now float next to the input field by default rather than being docked
  • Windows Hello recognition has been improved
  • The default user's numlock settings is now preserved after upgrading
  • Windows will try to reapply power settings that got lost in previous upgrades
  • Uploading crash data will no longer interfere with other network-intensive activities
  • Improved scaling in Microsoft Management Console and Disk Management
  • You can now use File Explorer keyboard navigation shortcuts in the Registry Editor


  • Narrator can now tell you about fonts, colors, line spacing, margins and more
  • The default Context Awareness level for Narrator is now set to 2
  • The shortcut to get advanced information about the element with focus in Narrator has been changed to Caps Lock + F


  • Windows will now better handle fuzzy matching for pinyin with an updated Microsoft Pinyin IME candidate pane experience
  • The IME mode indicator in the taskbar now has a context menu
  • You can now import and export self-learned phrases in the Pinyin IME
  • The Wubi IME now support self-learned phrases
  • You can now enter text in linemode for Chinese (Simplified)
  • You can now remove text predictions from the Japanese IME
  • Improved conversion accuracy and responsiveness in the Japanese IME


  • Windows Defender has been added as a default app
  • View 3D Preview has been added as a default app
  • Windows Holographic First Run has been renamed Windows Holographic
  • Contact Support has been renamed Get Help

Other features

  • Game Bar now provides support in full screen for an additional 19 titles: ARMA 3, Battlefield 1, Civilization V, Dark Souls III, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Mad Max, Mafia 2, NBA 2K16, Overwatch, Star Wars: The Old Republic, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, The Binding of Isaac, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Terraria, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Total War: WARHAMMER, Warframe and World of Tanks

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that prevented attaching the F12 Developer Tools to Windows web apps
  • Fixes an issue where Narrator would say "No item in view" when the focus was on a tile in start
  • Fixes an issue where input could get stuck in some environments in the Japanese IME
  • Fixes an issue where the Virtual Touchpad's left and right buttons might not work on some devices
  • Fixes an issue where the Virtual Touchpad wouldn't be launched if the primary monitor wasn't touch-enabled
  • Fixes an issue where apps would launch on their own if the device is idle
  • Fixes an issue where navigating to the Battery settings would crash the Settings app
  • Fixes an issue where using - to switch languages using the Thai keyboard when typing in Office apps could result in a hang
  • Fixes an issue where double clicking an Excel document in File Explorer would crash Excel
  • Fixes an issue where Windows Hello would get stuck on "Looking for you"
  • Fixes an issue where Insiders with a Surface Dial would hear unexpected beeps when rotating the Dial
  • Fixes an issue where the storage usage for "Other" might show an unexpectedly high number
  • Fixes an issue where the PowerShell entry in the File Explorer's File menu would be greyed out without reason
  • Fixes an issue where the Clock and Calendar flyout in the taskbar would fail to launch when the display language was set to Chinese (Traditional) and the phonetic sorting method was being used
  • Fixes an issue where some notifications would initially appear to high or too low and then correct themselves to the correct place
  • Fixes an issue where the outline of an incoming notification toast was visible if the banners for that specific app where disabled
  • Fixes an issue where an empty Favorites bar would be shown despite favorites being shown in the Favorites folder
  • Fixes an issue where that could cause CPU throttling when idling on some webpages with many gifs and looping videos in Edge
  • Fixes an issue where Alt + D would not set focus to the address bar in Edge
  • Fixes an issue where Microsoft Studio games like Sudoku, Jigsaw, Minesweeper, Taptiles and Treasure Hunt could freeze on the splash screen
  • Fixes an issue where the taskbar would be visible on the Welcome screens after upgrading when set to be on top

Known issues

  • Using keyboard monitor hotkeys to adjust brightness won’t work correctly
  • A popup “Catastrophic Error” dialog when opening OneDrive folders could show up
  • DirectAccess may not work
  • When using Microsoft Edge with Narrator, you may hear "no item in view" or silence when tabbing or using other navigation commands
  • Hey Cortana, play <blah> on <AppName> won't work immediately after installing an app


20 Dec '1620 Dec '16

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