Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.15007 · Version 1703

Build 15007 for mobile screenshot

10.0.15007.1000 12 January 2017

Cortana + search

  • Cortana can now provide links to Microsoft Edge tabs and SharePoint documents to let you continue where you left on another device
  • Cortana can now use notification grouping
  • Cortana can now change the volume of your device
  • You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more apps
  • Cortana will now remember what music app was used last time and open it by default if no app is specified
  • While listening to a radio station, you can ask Cortana to identify the song
  • Cortana can now recognize music in Chinese
  • Cortana now supports sign-in with Azure Active Directory identity to allow you to sign-in with your work or school account
  • The microphone icon for Cortana has been updated
  • Time-based reminders can now be recurring every month or year
  • Improved reliability when using Cortana to receive incoming SMS messages over Bluetooth

Microsoft Edge

Edge 39.15007

  • You can now zoom into webpages up to 500% regardless of the meta viewport setting of that webpage
  • Apps for Websites will now work
  • You can now right-click on PDF documents and choose to show the toolbar
  • The PDF toolbar now shown an option to search in the document for words
  • The PDF toolbar has an updated design, altering the look of the pagination field

EdgeHTML 15.15007

  • First stage of render refactor to broaden support for independent composition
  • Support for WebVR
  • Support for Content Security Policy 2
  • Preview support for Web Payments
  • Support for the Brotli compressed data format (on by default) as an HTTP content-encoding method
  • Updated the MS-prefixed FIDO 2.0 implementation to match the latest W3C Web Authentication specification
  • Partial support for CSS Custom Properties (aka CSS Variables)
  • Preliminary support for the IntersectionObserver API
  • Async/await is on by default
  • DOM performance improvements


  • "Core platform support for Fetch abstraction" has been added
  • "Preliminary implementation of the Payment Request DOM API" has been added
  • "Support for the individual transform syntax for CSS transforms" has been added
  • "Allow independent rendering of HTML5 Video elements" has been added
  • "Enable individual transforms" has been added
  • "Enable Input Interleaved Tasks" has been added
  • "Allow background tabs to be put into a low power mode" has been added
  • "Enable experimental networking features" has been added



  • "Bluetooth" and "Connected Devices" has been merged into "Bluetooth & other devices"
  • Bluetooth audio devices can now be disconnected and reconnected


  • You can now set Glance to be always on when the device is charging


  • Apps has been added as a new category
  • "Apps & features", "Default apps", "Offline maps" and "Apps for websites" have been moved from System to Apps
  • You can now reset apps


  • You can now sync settings such as passwords, Wi-Fi profiles, Edge Favorites, Edge Reading List and app data with Azure Active Directory Identity
  • Logging in with Windows Hello will now work much faster

Update & recovery

  • You can now suspend updates for 35 days
  • Enterprises can now require SDs to be encrypted


  • A sidebar is now shown offering help and links to related settings
  • When scrolling in Settings, the header will now stay visible on top


  • Behavior of the scrollbar has been improved for apps using the Creators Update SDK
  • Updated Bluetooth API with GATT Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role and unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity support


  • Improved XAML framework to make UWP apps work better in high contrast

Other features

  • Alarms will now start at a higher volume level and ramp up from there

And further

  • The rainbow flag emoji is now supported

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where some devices might take a long time to show up on a PC after being connected
  • Fixes an issue where System realted notification toasts did not work
  • Fixes an issue where videos recorded in portrait mode might not playback in the correct aspect ratio
  • Fixes an issue where the Skype Preview tile did not update with an alert badge when a message had been received
  • Fixes an issue where some pinned websites might perform a search instead of opening the website
  • Fixes an issue where the SIM Pin dialog would have truncated text in some languages
  • Fixes an issue where phones would get stuck on the Goodbye screen when Bluetooth was enabled
  • Fixes an issue that would cause Outlook Calendar to display the wrong date on its live tile when a new day has begun
  • Fixes an issue that kept Notification Listener apps from accessing notifications

Known issues

  • The Windows Hello welcome animation is missing
  • Your Favorites and Reading List might not roam to Edge when trying to immediately open these tabs
  • Edge won't be able to sync Reading Lists and Favorites until a restart
  • Edge won't show passwords synced from other devices under "saved passwords"
  • When receiving an email notification, it won't open the Mail app when tapping it
  • The "Pause updates" feature contains redundant text about Windows Defender
  • Devices like the Lumia 635 and 636 might not be able to change brightness manually
  • On the emoji keyboard, the ninja cat emoji will be displayed as 2 characters
  • Adding a new card or paying with an existing card in Microsoft Wallet won't work
  • Some devices might randomly reboot
Windows 10
Creators Update

12 January 2017

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