Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.15023 · Version 1703

10.0.15023.1002 2 February 2017

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an isue that prevented See-It-Say-It content from being displayed on Home, Community, OneGuide and Store
  • Purchasing content for Battlefield 1 and Happy Wars now works again
  • The correct "Too early" message is now shown again when launching a pre-ordered title from the Game Hub
  • When switching between apps or resuming an app from connected standby, in-game audio should now work again
  • Trove now launches correctly again
  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition will no longer crash when launching
  • Fixes an issue that caused in-game text to not be displayed in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition
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3 February 2017

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2 February 2017

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