Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.15038 · Version 1703

10.0.15038.1001 17 February 2017


  • You can now configure the camera before a broadcast
  • There are now new visual cues to alert you when a broadcast is stopped or paused when switching games
  • Improvements to audio


  • The Beam app is now installed by default

And further

  • Improved stability and performance when broadcasting

Fixed issues

  • Fixes issues with the chat display and controls in the Guide when broadcasting
  • Fixes an issue that caused Cortana to be to responsive to phrases that sound like "Hey Cortana"
  • Fixes an issue where "Skip and go offline" when downloading a mandatory system update would cause the system to become slow and unresponsive
  • Fixes an issue that caused Moderate or Strict NAT type
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the console from automatically singing in a profile when automatic sign-in is enabled
Windows 10
Creators Update

17 February 2017

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