Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.15048 · Version 1703

10.0.15048.0 3 March 2017

Microsoft Edge

Edge 40.15048

  • Improves the behavior of the "Find on page" feature to show the found result more central in the page

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where UWP apps may appear with their app package name in the title bar instead of the app name
  • Fixes an issue where some games might launch minimized in the taskbar
  • Fixes an issue where copy and pasting URLs to and from the Edge address bar with spaces wouldn't convert spaces into %20
  • Fixes an issue where the LastPass extension for Edge would fail to show its autofill buttons
  • Fixes an issue that caused unexpected characters to be pasted when pasting into some websites in Edge
  • Fixes an issue where scrolling with the mouse wheel wouldn't work in Edge if the window was made smaller or moved to another monitor
  • Fixes an issue where laptops would be unable to change the brightness after closing the lid for the first time when "Lid close action" was set to "Do nothing"
  • Fixes an issue where you could not type in some searchboxes in UWPs
  • Fixes an issue where clicked Cortana search results would not open when typing using the Pinyin IME
  • Fixes an issue where cross device notifications from a particular phone might appear in two groups in the Action center
  • Fixes an issue where emails from Outlook 2016 wouldn't open in the foreground after tapping on the notification

Known issues

  • Some deivces will fail to install at 71% and perform a roll-back
  • The broadcast live review window in the Game bar may flash green when broadcasting
  • Pressing F12 in Edge to open and close the F12 Tools might not return focus to the tab the F12 Tools were opened against
  • Sometimes the F12 Tools in Edge will launch behind Edge
  • For multi-monitor setups, a display might stop rendering
  • You may encounter a 0x80070228-error when downloading this build when Symantec/Norton AVs are installed
  • If additional languages are installed, this build will be unable to install
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