Windows 10 Creators Update Redstone 2

10.0.15055 · Version 1703

10.0.15055.0 10 March 2017

Microsoft Edge

Edge 40.15055

  • Edge will now open the Connect pane when clicking "Cast media to device"

Other features

  • The Win32 Windows Defender has been removed

And further

  • Windows now identifies itself as version 1703

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that prevented you from downloading a new build if Symantec or Norton anti-virus was installed
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in new builds failing at 71%
  • Fixes an issue that prevented you from updating when additional language packs where installed
  • Fixes an issue where the context menu when right-clicking a misspelled word would appear in the wrong place in Edge
  • Fixes an issue where Edge might immediately show a "Not responding" message when opening a link or pasting an URL in a new tab
  • Fixes an issue where Edge would continue to display the mouse-over tooltip after closing the relevant tab
  • Fixes an issue where Edge would try to download a page instead of navigating to it when using uBlock Origin
  • Fixes an issue where it wasn't possible to use touch to set focus to text boxes in Edge's Web Notes feature
  • Fixes an issue where using Ctrl + W to close multiple tabs in Edge would cause the active tab to lose focus and keyboard shortcuts would stop working
  • Fixes an issue where copying text in Edge would work if it was selected, focus to Edge was lost and then returned
  • Fixes an issue where copying selected text in the Edge URL bar and then pasting it with Ctrl + V in a new InPrivate window or regular window would not work
  • Fixes an issue where setting focus to Edge would cause the touchpad and keyboard input to stop responding for a short time
  • Fixes an issue with multiple monitors that could cause flickering and rendering issues when the Hub button in Edge was pressed
  • Fixes an issue where one of the monitors in a multi-monitor setup could stop rendering everything except the mouse
  • Fixes an issue where Groove might stop rendering correctly when snapping the app or resizing it
  • Fixes an issue where the taskbar might show blank thumbnails
  • Fixes an issue where some USB-powered monitors would stop rendering the clock on the taskbar for some time
  • Fixes an issue where the battery flyout would crash when the battery icon is clicked the second time
  • Fixes an issue where OneDrive.exe might run with a high percent of CPU power
  • Fixes an issue where pasting might not work if the copied content came from an UWP app that was being suspended
  • Fixes an issue where some devices might not show up when looking for them in Bluetooth & Other Devices in Settings
  • Fixes an issue where the print dialog would hang when clicking "More settings"
  • Fixes an issue where some dialogs show a grey background instead of white
  • Fixes an issue where the Windows Defender Antivirus notifications wouldn't open the Windows Defender Security Center when clicked
  • Fixes an issue where a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error dialog citing a TabTip.exe runtime error might appear on the login screen

Known issues

  • Some devices might be unable to update to build 15002 or higher due to a SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE error
  • Some apps might crash due to a misconfiguration of advertising ID caused by creating a new account in build 15031
  • Some apps might fail to launch until they have been reset
  • The Windows Update dialog that prompts you to restart might not appear
  • Another bug has appeared that causes apps to show their package name in the title bar instead of their name
  • The broadcast live review window in the Game bar may flash green when broadcasting
  • Sometimes the F12 Tools in Edge will launch behind Edge
  • The F12 Tools in Edge might have issues finding cross-origin iframes
  • Surface Pro 3 devices will have to remove their SD memory card before updating to this build