Windows 10 Redstone 3 Redstone 3

10.0.15204 · Version 1709

Build 15204 for mobile screenshot

10.0.15204.0 14 April 2017

Other features

  • Adds a new privacy settings page to the Out-Of-Box-Experience

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where Edge would sometimes not show a keyboard when tapping an input field

Known issues

  • "Add Bluetooth or other devices" in Settings might fail to open
  • Some pages in Edge might reload, especially when scrolling
  • Edge might end in a bad state when opening a new Edge window and screen off with the JIT process suspended
  • Continuum will stop working when the HP Elite x3's case is closed
  • Continuum hangs or renders incorrectly after disconnecting on devices like the Lumia 950
  • The device screen might stay black when disconnected from a Continuum dock after the screen has timed out normally
Windows 10
Redstone 3

14 April 2017

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