Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Redstone 3

10.0.16184 · Version 1709

Build 16184 for pc screenshot

10.0.16184.1001 28 April 2017


  • Start now uses the new scroll bar style introduced in the Creators Update

Taskbar + Action center

  • You can now pin people to the taskbar on the right side
  • You can now access communication-apps on a per-person base from the MyPeople bar



  • Notification settings will now load faster

Network & Internet

  • You can now search and sort your known networks
  • You can now require Windows to show a notification banner when an action is needed when connecting to a hotspot


  • There is no longer a preview in the Start settings
  • You can now manage the People bar in Taskbar settings

Ease of Access

  • You can now choose a language for output when braille is installed
  • You can now choose a table type when braille is installed
  • You can now change the magnification level of Magnifier from Settings
  • You can now set the zoom level increments for Magnifier
  • You can now change the mode Marnifier is used in
  • Magnifier can now be set to follow the Narrator cursor
  • Magnifier settings now shows a list of all shortcuts available to manage Magnifier

Update & recovery

  • "Update history" has been renamed "View installed update history"

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where night light might get stuck in a disabled state
  • Fixes an issue where dragging an app from Start's All apps list to the tile grid would cause start to crash
  • Fixes an issue when using Windows in Japanese where apps in the All apps list would be sorted incorrectly until launched
  • Fixes an issue where the "encoding Audio Processing Object"-feature would not work anymore
  • Fixes an issue where Photos would crash when opening a picture from the Collection page and pressing back in the title bar
  • Fixes an issue where Counter Strike Global Offensive would hang and freeze during game play
  • Fixes an issue where the F12 Tools in Edge would not return focus to the tab they are opened in

Known issues

  • You may encounter a "Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available"-error in Windows Update
  • Double clicking the Windows Defender icon in the notification area doesn't open Windows Defender
  • Surface 3 devices fail to update if a SD card is inserted
  • Tapping an app listed in the Windows Ink Workspace's Recent Apps section will cause explorer.exe to crash
  • When using the Simplified Chinese IMEs or the Traditional Chinese Changjie or Quick IME to input text the candidate window won't show
  • Opening Windows Update might crash the settings app
  • The "Save"-dialog is broken in several Win32 apps
  • Localized apps on localized x64 Windows 10 Insider Preview builds won't work
  • Action center may not open reliably