Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Redstone 3

10.0.16188 · Version 1709

Build 16188 for pc screenshot

10.0.16188.1000 4 May 2017

Microsoft Edge

Edge 41.16188

  • PDF reader now supports forms, saving those forms and printing them
  • Annotations are now supproted on PDFs
  • The Table of Contents is now available for PDFs
  • PDFs can now be viewed with 2 pages side-by-side
  • PDFs can now be rotated
  • You can now set PDFs to fit the width of the window
  • You can now set the cover page as a separate page when viewing PDFs with 2 pages side-by-side
  • You can now enable "Continuous scrolling" for PDFs
  • A new Application Guard window can now be opened if the feature is enabled


Update & recovery

  • The Windows Insider Program-icon has been replaced with Ninjacat
  • When an update is available, you will now get a notification instead of a modal
  • Windows Update now provides a link to show you what's new in the latest feature update


  • Cortana has been added as a new category to the Settings app


Windows Defender Security Center

  • "Exploit mitigations" has been added under App & browser control

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that resulted in the candidate window not appearing when typing in Simplified Chinese IMEs or the Changjie and Quick IMEs in certain apps
  • Fixes an issue where explorer.exe would crash when tapping an app in the Recent Apps section in the Windows Ink Workspace
  • Doubleclicking the Windows Defender Security Center icon now opens the Windows Defender Security Center
  • Localized apps on x64 Windows 10 will now work
  • Fixes an issue where the Open and Save dialogs didn't work in Win32 apps
  • Fixes an issue where Action center would not be reliable
  • Fixes an issue where a sequence of characters beginning with "hu" in some apps would result in a delay before the candidate window updated to reflect the current composition in the Chinese Pinyin IME

Known issues

  • Recovery won't work on non-English installations
  • You may encounter a "Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available"-error in Windows Update
  • Surface 3 devices fail to update if a SD card is inserted
  • Navigating to Windows Update or Lock screen may crash Settings
  • Outlook 2016 may hang on launch
  • Devices may hang when shutting down
  • Start may fail to launch on the first try