Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Redstone 3

10.0.16199 · Version 1709

10.0.16199.1000 17 May 2017


  • All items that do not have a submenu in the app context menus now have icons

Taskbar + Action center

  • MyPeople now shows you the emojis send by your pinned contacts
  • Like apps, people can now have a notification badge
  • Files can be dragged on pinned people to share them through mail
  • The Share-dialog now has people integrated into it
  • Android users with Cortana now get incoming call notifications

User Interface

  • The Bluetooth icon now has a lighter color



  • About has been redesigned to show your device's health status
  • About no longer shows your organization name
  • Windows can now clean up downloads that haven't been changed in 30 days
  • The Note quick action has been removed


  • Broadcasting using game-only audio is now a setting under "Broadcasting"
  • "Audio settings" has been renamed Game DVR in the Game bar
  • Game DVR-settings have been moved to the Game DVR-page in Game bar


  • The sidebar now shows tips and videos


  • Upgrading will no longer reset the Rotation lock-setting


  • Pressing Caps Lock + E + E will now launch Feedback Hub when using Narrator


Windows Defender Security Center

  • Disabled drivers no longer set off a flag
  • Screen brightness on 100% while charging no longer sets off a flag

Fixed issues

  • Winodws Defender Application Guard now works on touch PC's
  • XAML designer in Visual Studio 2017 will no longer hit an error causing a squiggle error under ThemeResource references to XAML's generic.xaml resources
  • Third party antivirus software will no longer cause some Win32 apps to not launch
  • Fixes an issue where the color profile would be ignored after launching certain fullscreen games

Known issues

  • You may encounter a "Some updates were cancelled. We’ll keep trying in case new updates become available"-error in Windows Update
  • Surface 3 devices fail to update if a SD card is inserted
  • Outlook 2016 may hang on launch
  • Edge might fail to open PDFs with an "Couldn’t open PDF. Something is keeping this PDF from opening"-error
  • Loging into the Facebook, Instagram en Messenger apps won't work
  • Games like Civilization VI won't work
  • Windows Mixed Reality doesn't work
  • VIM is broken for Windows Subsystem for Linux users
  • The choice command fails when run in a Command Prompt script