Windows 10 version 1709

10.0.16226 · Redstone 3 · Fall Creators Update


21 Jun '17


  • The acrylic is now more transparent

Taskbar + Action center

  • The acrylic is now more transparent
  • The Action center now uses the XAML scrollbar
  • The sound flyout now allows you to enable Spatial sound directly
  • The overflow area in the People flyout has now text to make it clear that people listed there are pinned
  • The "Switch apps"-button is now a hamburger-icon
  • Right-clicking the taskbar will now show an option to enable or disable My People
  • Right-clicking "Open Network and Sharing Center" now opens "Network & Internet Settings"

User Interface

  • UIs that use ListView and other XAML collection controls will now use Reveal by default

File Explorer

  • Files can now be shared from the context menu
  • "Share with" has been renamed "Give access to" in the context menu

Microsoft Edge

Edge 41

  • Tab close buttons will now be available even when JavaScript dialogs are open
  • Tabs that are not active will now show a slightly transparent icon
  • Closing the browser and other browser features will now be available even when JavaScript dialogs are open
  • Cookies and Settings can now be migrated from Chrome
  • You can now Copy or Ask Cortana with selected text in an EPUB file
  • EPUB notes can now contain ink
  • Notes in EPUB files can now be shown when hovering over these notes
  • Books, reading progress, bookmarks and notes are now synced between devices
  • Saving a favorite will now allow you to select a location from a directory tree instead of a regular dropdown
  • The URL of favorites can now be edited
  • IT admins can now configure favorites via group policy and mobile device management
  • Edge now uses shadows as part of preparations for its Fluent redesign

EdgeHTML 15

  • Added support for CSS Grid Layout
  • Added support for High Resolution Time Level 3 (need to confirm with PPR)


  • "Allow independent rendering of HTML5 Canvas elements" has been added
  • "Enable new InsertParagraph command" has been added
  • "Cache Service Workers storage" has been removed



  • Storage Sense now allows you to delete the previous Windows version
  • Storage Sense has a new design
  • The Remote Desktop settings page has been moved above the Info page
  • You can now require computers to connect with Network Level Authentication for Remote Desktop
  • A second "Get tips, tricks and suggestions as you use Windows" has been added to Notifications & Actions
  • The manufacturer and the manufacturers website of the device has been added to About


  • Devices can now be turned off when the screen is off to save battery under USB

Network & Internet

  • Windows can now be required to show a notification banner when an action is required before connecting to an open hotspot


  • Xbox Networking has been added as a new page, showing you details about your network


  • App-requested downloads has been added as a new page

Update & Security

  • The category has been renamed from "Update & security" to "Update & Security"
  • A failed update will now show a plain text string that can be selected
  • You can now backup files with File History once more
  • The Backup page has an improved UI


  • Narrator can now automatically describe images without alternative text

Language and input

  • The Emoji Panel now contains a search feature
  • The Emoji Panel can now be shown in dark mode
  • Shape writing is now available for 29 additional languages
  • Text prediction has been added for multiple languages
  • Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean are now supported on the new touch keyboard
  • A one-handed curve-flick keyboard has been added for Japanese
  • You can now move the keyboard with the upper border instead of just the move icon, which has been removed
  • A clipboard icon will now appear on the keyboard when text can be pasted
  • The shift key can now be used to cycle between capitalization states
  • The keyboard settings flyout has been redesigned
  • The emoji section of the keyboard now scrolls horizontal
  • The one-handed keyboard now has more padding in the emoji view
  • A language key is now available for the one-handed keyboard
  • Typing an emoji will no longer close the keyboard
  • The wide keyboard is now slightly bigger
  • The back of a pen can now be used to erase handwritten words
  • Segoe UI is now used as the font of processed handwritten text
  • The English mode button in the Chinese handwriting panel has been updated
  • Japanese IME will now provide better predictive input
  • Japanese IME now has spelling corrections for English words
  • Japanese IME now can start a search from the predictive candidate window


Mixed Reality Portal

  • Teleportation can now be done with only the left joystick
  • Improved speech interaction
  • Improves the reliability for headsets

Other features

  • When services like OneDrive try to download an online file for offline use in an application, it will trigger a notifications where you can allow this
  • A pen can now be used to scroll in all apps
  • The Task Manager now has a new GPU performance page
  • Processes on the Processes-page in Task Manager are now grouped together
  • The Processes-page in Task Manager now shows a "GPU Engine" column
  • You can now convert Hyper-V machines to "vmcz"-files to share them

And further

  • Support for Emoji 5.0 has been added
  • A number of emojis have been redesigned
  • The SMB1 server component is no longer included by default on Home or Pro
  • SMB1 is no longer installed by default on Enterprise and Education
  • Computer Browser service has been removed
  • Snipping tool is now natively per-monitor DPI-aware
  • All image resources in Windows have been cleaned up to no longer include XMP metadata

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where the on-screen keyboard's close button would turn white on white when hovering over it
  • Fixes an issue where the touch keyboard would not launch after using the Emoji Panel
  • Fixes an issue where the font of selected text would appear to large in the handwriting panel
  • Fixes an issue where the People flyout would crash when tapping "Find and pin contacts"
  • Fixes an issue where Windows would not go past 33%
  • Fixes an issue where Windows would bugcheck and rollback during an update with error 0x80070643
  • Fixes an issue that kept PDFs from opening in Edge on some devices with enterprise configurations
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in PDFs and sites opening in cropped views
  • Fixes an issue where accented characters couldn't be input properly in some Win32 apps from a hardware keyboard
  • Fixes an issue where Hyper-V would not connect correctly
  • Fixes an issue where Start might not have worked
  • Fixes an issue where notifications in Action center would not have an outline when transparency was not available
  • Fixes an issue where the Action center background would become 100% transparent
  • Fixes an issue where notifications couldn't be expanded in the Action center
  • Fixes an issue where inbox apps would not appear in start after upgrading to 16215
  • Fixes an issue where old Control panel dialogs would show grey sections that should be white
  • Fixes an issue where "Restart" would restart with updates from the power options
  • Fixes an issue where the "Start Fresh" page would be included in Edge's recovery storage
  • Fixes an issue where the read heart emoji would appear in superscript
  • Fixes an issue where ink would lag an short ink strokes would not be detected
  • Fixes an issue where Microsoft Text Input Application would appear in Start
  • Fixes an issue where the Chinese IMEs could hang when typing
  • Fixes an issue where some input methods would cause apps to crash if you switched to that input method while the app had focus
  • Fixes an issue where Cortana's search box would appear in the wrong place if you set focus to it then brought up the Emoji Panel
  • Fixes an issue where the OS build info link in Windows Update didn't do anything when clicked
  • Fixes an issue where the top border of UWP apps would sometimes be an unexpected color
  • Fixes an issue that caused mini-surveys to not work
  • Fixes an issue where external monitors connected with DisplayLink docks wouldn't work and get stuck on a static logon screen
  • Fixes an issue where the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 would be unable to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Fixes an issue where printing wasn't working
  • Fixes an issue that prevented users from downloading the Mixed Reality software
  • Fixes an issue where the 360 Video quality would be to low
  • Fixes an issue that appeared when leaving limited mode
  • Fixes an issue where the Mixed Reality Portal wouldn't shut down properly
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in Cortana not being able to open apps correctly in Mixed Reality
  • Fixes an issue where there would be multiple gaze cursor in exclusive mode apps
  • Fixes an issue where the boundary set in the Mixed Reality environment would be smaller than the actual possible boundary

Known issues

  • .NET 3.5 will prevent this build from installing
  • Auto-complete in the Edge URL bar may fail
  • Some UWP apps will crash on launch
  • Inking in Word 2016 will cause it to crash
  • Some apps may appear like "ms-resource:"
  • Battery status on some laptops won't update on some devices
  • Websites previously pinned to the taskbar won't work anymore
  • Some languages may cause ctfmon.exe to go into a crash loop and typing in Start and UWP apps will become impossible