Windows 8.1 Blue

6.3.9431 · Version 1310

Build 9431 for pc screenshot

6.3.9431.0 26 June 2013


  • Small and Large tiles have been added to the start screen.
  • You can now change multiple tiles at once.
  • Tiles can now show their download status on the startscreen and All apps list.
  • Tiles for desktop apps now get an accent color based on their most prominent color.
  • Improved support for portret mode.
  • Browser now always use their Modern UI-version of their tile, even if it isn't the default browser.
  • When pinning a tile to the startscreen from within an app, you can now choose its size.

All Apps

  • There is an "All apps" button on the bottom of the screen when using a mouse and keyboard.
  • You can now sort apps on name, date, most used and category.
  • There is now a search field.
  • You can now access All apps by swyping up from the start screen.
  • New apps aren't pinned to the start screen by default anymore.
  • You can now change the behavior of search when searching in the All apps screne.
  • You can now display desktop apps first.
  • New apps are now labeled as "New".


  • Changing the start screen will now start a new edit mode.
  • You can now set the desktop background as the start screen background.
  • There are multiple new tatoos added to the startscreen (including dynamic tatoos).
  • Multiple new colors have been added to choose from.
  • The startscreen can now show up to 9 rows of tiles.


  • When Snap is being used, Windows will ask where to open an app.
  • Apps now open in snap view when triggered from within another app.
  • Apps now can be selected by holding them.
  • Snap can now use multiple sizes.
  • You can now snap up to 4 apps per screen (depeding on your resolution).
  • You can now use multiple Windows Apps on multiple screens.
  • The start button has now a visual image again.
  • You can now choose to boot to the desktop.
  • You can now disable hot corners.
  • If you have a high resolution, the charmsbar will (depending on the used hotcorner) appear higher or lower.
  • You can now add an app to alarm notifications.
  • The keyboard has been improved with numerous features.
  • You can now set a presentation as lock screen.

Internet Explorer

  • Tabs can now be synced.
  • Click-to-call is a new feature.
  • You can now choose to always display the address bar and tabs.
  • You can now open more then 10 tabs.
  • A Download list has been added.
  • Tiles can now have more formats.
  • Reading View is a new option that opens a reading-optimized environment.
  • Website Tiles can now show a feed.
  • Improved support for CSS3 and HTML5.
  • Support for WebGL, MDEG Dash and SPDY.
  • Brand now F12-Tools.

Build-in apps

  • All apps now support portrait mode.
  • You can now remove apps from more devices at once.
  • PC Settings
    • Your start screen can now sync between devices.
    • Multiple new features have been added.
    • The app has a major revamped interface.
    • You can now pin PC Settings to the start screen.
  • Photos
    • There are multiple new options to change photos.
    • Facebook- and Flickr-integration has been removed.
  • SkyDrive
    • It's now possible to view local files from the app.
    • You can now choose to save files to SkyDrive.
    • SkyDrive has been integrated better into the OS.
  • Windows Store
    • The Windows Store a has received a major revamp.
    • Apps will now be updated automatically.
    • The icon has been changed.
    • The Windows Store tile now shows spotlight apps.
  • New apps
    • Skype - replaces Messaging
    • Calculator
  • Bing Drink and Food
    • Bing Health and Fitness
    • Help & Tips
    • Alarms
    • Reading List
    • Search
  • Removed apps
    • Messaging - replaced by Skype
    • Bing - replaced by Search

And further

  • Support for NFC, 3G and 4G.
  • Wireless printing without additional drivers.
  • 2-step authentication.
  • DirectX 11.2 is now available.
  • The Windows Prestation-index has been removed.
  • The Windows kernel has been updated from version 6.2 to 6.3.
  • Native support for 3D-printers.
  • New installation interface.
  • You can now replace Command Prompt with PowerShelll.
  • Improved support for high resolutions.