Windows 8.1 Blue

6.3.9651 · Version 1310

Build 9651 for mobile screenshot

6.3.9651.0 10 April 2014


  • The default start screen has been updated for new devices
  • You can now set a background for your tiles
  • The lock screen can now be replaced by apps
  • The app list now shows games too
  • New Windows Phone-splashscreen


  • You can now swipe down from the top edge to open the action center
  • You can now swipe down from the top edge to open the quick actions
  • Search has been replaced by Cortana in some locaitons
  • All phones can now set 3 collumns of medium tiles next to each other
  • Silent hours (only when Cortana is enabled)
  • Volume has been separated between apps and notifications
  • The app switcher now supports the ability to close apps by swyping down
  • The start screen can now be saved in a back-up and synced with other devices
  • The keyboard has several new features like swype

Internet Explorer

  • Support to save passwords
  • File upload support
  • Tabs are now shown in the app switcher
  • Support for HTML5-video on YouTube
  • Trident 7 render engine with improved HTML, CSS and JavaScript support


  • The store will now provide suggestions
  • Users can now force the store to check for updates
  • Apps can now be updated automatically, with an option to do so only over Wi-Fi
  • Single sign-in support for apps using a Microsoft Account
  • The Windows Phone Store has been redesigned
    • Screenshots are now shown on the overview
    • Available languages, version and latest update now has its own page
    • There is now a graph to indicate ratings
    • Shortcuts to Home, Share, My apps, Settings and Downloads have been added in the ellipse menu
    • There is a new "Category"-section


  • Bing Apps have been added (News, Weather, Sport, Health + fitness, Food + drink, Finance and Travel)
  • Podcasts has been added as a new default app
  • Sense apps: Power Sense, Data Sense and Wi-Fi Sense have been added
  • Xbox Music has been added to replace Music + video
  • Xbox Video has been added to replace Music + video
  • Calendar
    • Support for Google Calendar
    • Shows weather in the calendar
    • Week view
    • Separated from the OS
  • Call
    • In-call commands
  • Camera
    • Burst mode
    • New design
  • E-mail
    • Support for signing and encrypting mails
    • New options to sync mailes
    • Option to always download mails, including images
  • Messaging
    • Conversations can now be set to no longer show notifications
  • Office
    • Support for password protected files
    • Office Lens-support
  • OneDrive
    • SkyDrive has been renamed to OneDrive
    • OneDrive now has an explorer for local files
  • People
    • People can now be filteredby phone number
  • Photos
    • Photos now can be marked favorits
  • Wallet
    • Support for tickets and memberships


  • Apps can now record their own audio and video output
  • Apps and their save data can now be saved on SD-cards
  • Apps can now back-up their data to OneDrive
  • Background tasks
  • Bluetooth signal strength
  • Connectivity control
  • Location options
  • Chat log notifications
  • Push notifications
  • Rfcommconnections
  • System events
  • Timer
  • XAP is replaced by APPX
  • Audio and video is now hardware accelerated
  • New tools like SemanticZoom, DataPicker and timePicker

System technologies

  • VPN-support
  • S/MINE-support
  • EAP-TLS-support
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE support
  • Improved MBM-support
  • Chkdsk to monitor SD-card health
  • Geofence-support
  • Miracast-support
  • Support for stereoscopic 3D
  • Virtual SmartCard-support
  • Certification management
  • Passwords can be changed remotely
  • Lock phone remotely
  • App aware allows access to company information behind a firewall
  • Devices can now have on-screen buttons
  • Cariers can now install apps when a SIM-card is placed
  • Support for new resolutions