Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

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This changelog is cumulative of every build released after 15063 and will form the changelog for the Windows 10 Redstone 3 update. This is a draft and is subject to change.

Last updated to match with version 10.0.16199

Note that when a new build is released, we usually wait a day or two to make sure we've covered everything before adding it to this page.


After every release, the content of this page is archived into the build of the release. Here is a list of builds that where previously depicted on this page:


  • "Turn Live Tile on/off"-option now has an icon
  • Start now uses the new scroll bar style introduced in the Creators Update
  • All items that do not have a submenu in the app context menus now have icons

Cortana + search

  • Nothing to share yet

Taskbar + Action center

  • The power-fly-out now shows a slider to switch the power mode
  • You can now pin people to the taskbar on the right side
  • You can now access communication-apps on a per-person base from the MyPeople bar
  • MyPeople now shows you the emojis send by your pinned contacts
  • Like apps, people can now have a notification badge
  • Files can be dragged on pinned people to share them through mail
  • The Share-dialog now has people integrated into it
  • Android users with Cortana now get incoming call notifications

User Interface

  • The Bluetooth icon now has a lighter color

File Explorer

  • The Share-icon in the ribbon has been updated to match its MDL2-counterpart

Microsoft Edge

Edge 41

  • PDF reader now supports forms, saving those forms and printing them
  • Annotations are now supproted on PDFs
  • The Table of Contents is now available for PDFs
  • PDFs can now be viewed with 2 pages side-by-side
  • PDFs can now be rotated
  • You can now set PDFs to fit the width of the window
  • You can now set the cover page as a separate page when viewing PDFs with 2 pages side-by-side
  • You can now enable "Continuous scrolling" for PDFs
  • A new Application Guard window can now be opened if the feature is enabled

EdgeHTML 15

  • Nothing to share yet


  • Nothing to share yet



  • Turning the night light schedule off in now turns of night light immediately
  • Notification settings will now load faster
  • About has been redesigned to show your device's health status
  • About no longer shows your organization name
  • Windows can now clean up downloads that haven't been changed in 30 days
  • The Note quick action has been removed


  • Nothing to share yet

Network & Internet

  • You can now search and sort your known networks
  • You can now require Windows to show a notification banner when an action is needed when connecting to a hotspot


  • There is no longer a preview in the Start settings
  • You can now manage the People bar in Taskbar settings


  • Nothing to share yet


  • Nothing to share yet

Time & language

  • Nothing to share yet


  • Broadcasting using game-only audio is now a setting under "Broadcasting"
  • "Audio settings" has been renamed Game DVR in the Game bar
  • Game DVR-settings have been moved to the Game DVR-page in Game bar

Ease of Access

  • You can now choose a language for output when braille is installed
  • You can now choose a table type when braille is installed
  • You can now change the magnification level of Magnifier from Settings
  • You can now set the zoom level increments for Magnifier
  • You can now change the mode Marnifier is used in
  • Magnifier can now be set to follow the Narrator cursor
  • Magnifier settings now shows a list of all shortcuts available to manage Magnifier
  • Ctrl + Win + N now opens the Narrator Settings


  • Nothing to share yet

Update & recovery

  • "Update history" has been renamed "View installed update history"
  • The Windows Insider Program-icon has been replaced with Ninjacat
  • When an update is available, you will now get a notification instead of a modal
  • Windows Update now provides a link to show you what's new in the latest feature update


  • Cortana has been added as a new category to the Settings app

Mixed Reality

  • Nothing to share yet


  • The sidebar now shows tips and videos

Ink Workspace

  • Nothing to share yet


  • Windows will now throttle programs if they aren't being used
  • Upgrading will no longer reset the Rotation lock-setting


  • Pressing Caps Lock + E + E will now launch Feedback Hub when using Narrator


  • Nothing to share yet


Windows Defender Security Center

  • "Exploit mitigations" has been added under App & browser control
  • Disabled drivers no longer set off a flag
  • Screen brightness on 100% while charging no longer sets off a flag

Other features

  • Windows COM ports can now be accessed from the Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Holding the power button for 7 seconds will now trigger a bugcheck on devices that don't use legacy ACPI power buttons
  • Hyper-V will now make automatic checkpoints so you can always revert
  • The policy to disable the lock screen is now available for Windows 10 Pro
  • UWPs will now show up individually in the Volume Mixer when they play sound

And further

  • The "Background Moderated" colum in Task Manager has been renamed "Power Throttling"