Windows 10 Redstone 3

vNext · Version 1709

This changelog is cumulative of every build released after 15063.2xxx and will form the changelog for the Xbox One Creators Update version 1705. This is a draft and is subject to change.

Last updated to match with version 10.0.15063.3020

Note that when a new build is released, we usually wait a day or two to make sure we've covered everything before adding it to this page.


After every release, the content of this page is archived into the build of the release. Here is a list of builds that where previously depicted on this page:

Dashboard and Cortana

My Games & Apps

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  • You can now enable and customize a Party overlay that will show you who's talking in a game


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Profile & Activity feed

  • You can now share your Looking for Groups messages on the Activity feed or with a message
  • You can now unfollow a Club or Game Hub directly from your Activity feed
  • Your profile will show your Arena tournament history and upcoming torunaments


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  • You can now let your Kinect locate you automatically while broadcasting through Beam and Twitch


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Settings and behavior

  • You can now connect to wireless internet though Captive Portals


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