Windows 10 version 2103

21H1 · 21H1

Last updated to match version 10.0.19592

Start + search

  • The alphabet in the start menu all apps list has been updated for the Vietnamese alphabet which does not include the Latin letters F, J, W and Z

File Explorer

  • You can now remove previous searches by right-clicking an entry in the dropdown menu
  • File Explorer will now show more padding for touchscreen devices by default

Taskbar + Action center

  • The "location in-use"-icon has been altered to be a compass arrow instead of a dot in a circle
  • For touchscreen devices, the taskbar icons will now have more space betweem them and the search box will collapse to icon-only by default



  • You can now control which GPU apps can run on
  • About will no longer show your Windows Security status

Network & Internet

  • Hotspot 2.0 has been removed as its own setting and is now considered enabled when Wi-Fi is enabled

Time & Language

  • The "Set time zone automatically" toggle will be disabled if location is disabled


  • "Basic diagnostics data" and "Full diagnostics data" have been renamed to "Required diagnostics data" and "Optional diagnostics data"
  • Download Folder has been added as a new privacy setting
  • Screen Capture has been added as a page to control which apps can disable the screen capture border

Update & Security

  • Windows Update will now keep your drivers up-to-date as part of Optional Updates


  • The OneDrive icon in the Settings header has been updated to reflect the new logo

Language and input

  • The Scottish Gaelic keyboard will now use AltGr + 7 to input ⁊, pressing ´ will now directly insert this characters and Alt Gr + ´ will now act as a dead key to add the acute accent to the next letter
  • The on-screen keyboard will now open by default when tapping in a text field on a touchscreen device

Input Method Editor

  • The Korean IME has been updated with a new candidate selection window and improved algorithms for text prediction when using the touch keyboard


Task Manager

  • Under the tab Details, a new column has been added called "Architecture" as an optional column

Windows Security

  • Updates the Windows Security icon

Other features

  • The Out Of the Box Experience will now ask if the device will be used by just you or your family and help setup a family group once the OOBE completes
  • Adds support for Hyper-V features on ARM devices
  • Advanced startup has been improved to allow for a number of Ease of Access functions to work as expected
  • The Eye Control settings have been redesigned to span multiple pages to make it easier to navigate

And further

  • The Windows Recovery Environment no longer requires an admin password to access recovery tools
  • Users will no longer be reminded of HomGroup's removal

Fixed issues

  • We’ve fixed the issue causing ARM devices to receive a bugcheck and have removed the block with this build.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the Optional Features page in Settings appearing blank.
  • We’ve fixed an issue where, when running corruption repair (DISM), the process stopped at 84.9%.
  • We fixed an issue where, after successfully completing installation of an update and rebooting the device, the Start menu Shutdown button still showed Update and Shutdown and Update and Restart.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in Windows updates failing with error 0x80070003.
  • We fixed an issue that could sometimes result in Settings crashing when pausing updates or the Windows Update settings page not loading.
  • We fixed an issue from the previous flight that was resulting in extra lines appearing in the taskbar jumplist.
  • We fixed in an issue resulting in a black window, with only a mouse being visible to others, when sharing a single app over Microsoft Teams.

Known issues

  • We are aware Narrator and NVDA users that seek the latest release of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium may experience some difficulty when navigating and reading certain web content. Narrator, NVDA and the Edge teams are aware of these issues. Users of legacy Microsoft Edge will not be affected. NVAccess has released a NVDA 2019.3 that resolves the known issue with Edge.
  • We’re looking into reports of the update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.
  • Some devices may experience a bugcheck (GSOD) during the reboot to install this update. If this happens, log in, schedule a time for the update to install, and then log off all user profiles before the scheduled install time. The install will then proceed as expected.
  • The Documents section under Privacy has a broken icon (just a rectangle).
  • When trying to use Win + PrtScn to capture a screenshot, the image is not saved to the Screenshots directory. For now, you’ll need to use one of the other options for taking screenshots, such as WIN + Shift + S.
  • Sticky Notes windows can’t be moved. As a workaround, when you set focus to Sticky Notes, press Alt + Space. This will bring up a menu that contains a Move option. Select it, then use either the arrow keys or the mouse to move the window.
  • We’re looking into reports of some Insiders receiving driver compatibility warnings when attempting to update to a newer build in certain virtual environments.


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