Windows 10 version 2109

Cobalt · 21H2

Last updated to match version 10.0.21292, see 21H1 for more changes

Start + taskbar

  • Folders in the app list in the Start menu will now be flattened when only 1 item is located in the folder
  • News and interests has been added to the right on the taskbar, including a news feed, weather widget and more, showing the weather on the taskbar

User Interface

  • Updates the window opening and closing animations
  • Aero Shake has been removed, shaking a window will no longer hide all other windows


  • Support for x64 emulation on ARM devices



  • The "Multitasking" page has been renamed to "Multi-tasking"
  • Storage Space settings have been added under "Storage"
  • Sounds now displays a message when microphone permissions have been turned off for the whole system or all apps


  • Under "Apps & features" > "Optional features" you can now install and uninstall the Snipping Tool
  • Updates a number of strings under "Offline maps"

Time & Language

  • When the timezone in your locations changes, Windows will now show a notification indicating that the timezone is being changed, if the OS isn't certain about this change, it will provide options within the notifications to not change the timezone



  • Adds support for using Ctrl + Backspace to delete an entire word in the Find window, when renaming a key and other places

Snipping Tool

  • Snipping Tool can now be uninstalled through Optional Features

Task Manager

  • Updates the scaling of graphs in the Task Manager's Performance-tab


  • Narrator will now announce that notifications have been cleared when deleting a group of notifications when using the Delete key or Dismiss button

Language and input

  • The dictation UI has been updated to appear floating at the bottom of the screen instead of beng locked to the top bar

And further

  • Support for Emoji 12.1 and 13.0, as well as updates to pre-existing emojis


15 Jan '21


13 Jan '21


6 Jan '21


10 Dec '20