Windows 10 version 1511

Threshold 2 · November Update

Xbox version 1511


  • The dashboard has been redesigned to scroll vertically and show more relevant information
  • You can now share screenshots and game clips easily from home
  • You can now see which of your friends are playing the same game on home
  • You can now access the Guide, which provides an overview of friends, party options,settings, system notifications, messages and other things without leaving your current activity
  • There is now a Community area where you can see what's trending on Xbox Live
  • Game Hubs are now directly available on Home
  • The menu button now let you quickly get to common actions
  • Apps now get snapped to the right hand side of the screen instead of left


  • You can now play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One

Party Chat

  • You can now have a Party Chat with up to 12 people
  • You can now use a text based Party Chat alongside the voice chat


  • You can now sign-in and out from within the guide


  • OneGuide now supports picture-in-picture
  • OneGuide now includes app channels to help you find something to watch in other video apps

Game DVR

  • The Game DVR snap app and Upload app have been merged into one app

Xbox Store

  • The Xbox Store is now divided in Games, Music, Movies & TV and Apps
  • The Store now has a vertical design
  • You can now browser through categories like New Releases, Top Played, etc.

And further

  • New avatars are now animated

Xbox version 1602


  • It is now easier to manage your pinned tiles
  • There is a new Trending-section on the right side of the Community tab
  • The Community tab now has an improved Suggested Friends section showing gamertag, real name, gamerpic/Xbox Avatar and why it is suggested

Activity feed

  • Xbox will now show Xbox News in the activity feed (news about new hardware, updates, game releases, etc.)
  • The Acitivty feed will now refresh automatically

Xbox One Guide

  • The Guide now has a dedicated sports area
  • You can now see who's in a party


  • The Gamerscore Leaderboard in the profile has been revamped
  • The Avatar Store is now integrated in the Xbox Avatar-section

Xbox Store

  • You can now hide games from the "Ready to install" list

And further

  • You can now easily join a Twitch broadcast from the game hubs

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue where Live TV would show a black screen or "no signal"-error when resuming from connected standby
  • Double pressing the Xbox button should no longer fail to load the Quick Guide
  • Blu-Ray discs and DVDs should no longer get falsly recognized as audio CDs
  • Fixes an issue where some games would fail to launch
  • Fixes an issue where Party Chat would sometimes disconnect when used
  • Fixes an issue that caused an error when completing the purchase of an item in the Avatar store
  • Fixes an issue where some users couldn't purchase items from the Avatar store when multiple accounts where signed-in
  • Fixes an issue that prevented multiplayer matches from connecting

Xbox version 1603

Activity feed

  • You can now play videos directly in the Activity feed
  • You can now like a video while previewing it
  • Launching a video from the Acitivty feed will show new pause, restart, and full-screen playback options

Party Chat

  • You can now broadcast your Party Chat with Twitch
  • As leader you can mute someone in the Party Chat recording, as member you can mute yourself
  • Your Party Chat can now be streamed to both your headphones and speakers

Xbox One Guide

  • You can now let Xbox output audio from your Party Chats to both your headset and speakers
  • You can now have up to 16 participants in a Party Chat
  • You can now track your achievement progress in the Xbox One guide in real time


  • Users can now customize the Game DVR record length of 15 seconds up to 5 minutes
  • You can now reset your Xbox without removing games and apps

Xbox Store

  • You can now purchase Xbox 360 games on Xbox One if they are backwards compatible

And further

  • You can now compare your avatar with that of a friend
  • Updates firmware for the Xbox One Elite Controller, allowing you to configure thumb stick sensitivity
  • Like Windows for PC and Mobile, Xbox will now also show feedback notifications every now and then

Fixed issues

  • Fixes an issue that caused the screen to turn green when playing videos
  • Fixes an issue where the screen would flicker black in some games, apps and the dashboard
  • Fixes multiple issues with graphics and DirectX
  • Fixes an issue that caused the party menu to not correctly update


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