A year in review

Aaaaand... it's a wrap! 2016 was an amazing year: we got more builds than ever before, the Anniversary Update was released and for the first time, every single Windows 10-platform received the same stable build. Let's take a look at it.

Windows 10 market share

24.36% +14.4%

Windows 10 marketshare

91.72% +.4%

Windows marketshare

TH1 3.48% · TH2 18.68% · RS1 77.11% · RS2 .73%

Data from 1 January 2016 compared to 1 January 2017 by Net Marketshare, version share data from 1 January 2017 by ChangeWindows

Windows Insider Program

53 +10

unique build numbers

112 +60

build releases

233 +187

patch releases

...across 7+2 platforms

Data by ChangeWindows, compared with 2015, e.g. build 14393 for PC and Mobile counts as 2 separate builds

Windows 10
Anniversary Update

Redstone 1 · Version 1607 · Build 14393

This year we saw only 1 new feature update roll out to the public. But the Anniversary Update was special in a number of ways: not only was it a big feature update for all platforms that already had the November Update, it was also the first release to be available on all platforms.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update for PCs, Mobile and Xbox

Some of the highlights

Windows Ink · Expanded Settings app · Music control on the lock screen · Bash on Ubuntu on Windows · Edge Extensions · Improved Start experience · New logon UI · Cortana on Xbox · Redesigned Action Center · New Windows Store & Xbox Store · Skype Preview

263 +157

days since Threshold 2

3.51 -.42

average days between builds

77.11% +76.78%

version share

Comparison between Threshold 2 and Redstone 1, considers all platforms, the same build released for multiple platforms counts for each platform individually, e.g. build 14393 for PC and Mobile counts as 2 separate builds

Windows 10
Creators Update

Redstone 2 · Version 1703

Despite the Anniversary Update being the only publically released update for 2016, we've spend 5 months with the Creators Update, the first out of 2 updates for 2017. We've only recently started to receive new features, more will follow in the first months of 2017...

The Windows 10 Creators Update for PCs and Mobile

...but that doesn't stop us from making highlights

Ink Screen sketch history · Cortana capabilities · Narrator · Default PowerShell · Paint 3D Preview · Expanded Settings app · Unified Update Platform · Improved High-DPI support · Windows Defender

152 -111

days since Redstone 1

4.34 +.83

average days between builds

.73% +.73%

version share

Comparison between Redstone 1 and Redstone 2, data until 1 January 2017, considers all platforms, the same build released for multiple platforms counts for each platform individually, e.g. build 14393 for PC and Mobile counts as 2 separate builds

Previous releases

Windows 10 November Update

Threshold 2 · Version 1511 · Build 10586

Soon after the original version we got our very first upgrade in the form of the November Update, while a minor build, it came with welcome improvements.



18.68% -.32%


Windows 10

Threshold 1 · Version 1507 · Build 10240

2015 marked the release of the original version of Windows 10, and although it has served us well in it's short 3,5 month-life span, it is time to go.

3.48% -77.17%



Microsoft has a spokesperson in place who stays in contact with the Insiders (whom mainly ask for new builds to be released (and are mad when it is only for PC or only for Mobile)). This year, however, we saw a change in management as Gabe stepped down.

Gabriel Aul @gabeaul

Gabriel Aul, retired head of the Windows Insider Program

Gabriel Aul has been leading the Windows Insider Program since 1 October 2014. On 1 June 2016 he had to step down because his work on the Engineering Systems team was taking to much time, passing on the role as head of the program to Dona Sarkar.

608 +152


Dona Sarkar @donasarkar

Dona Sarkar, current head of the Windows Insider Program

Having been responsible for AutoPlay, Bluetooth and Blu-ray for Vista and the Windows search experience in Windows 7 and 8, Dona Sarkar took over the role of head of the Windows Insider Program on 1 June, counting the days ever since.

184 +184


And now... this:

Dona Sarkar and friends in an image I cannot describe


By Insiders for Insiders... Over the past year, ChangeWindows has become one of a kind by covering all of the 7 platforms Windows 10 is available on, providing a changelog for each and every build and patch, something even Microsoft themselves doesn't provide. A lot has changed around here, so let's take a look at that as well.

ChangeWindows 2016

Some of our personal favorite changes

Update listings · Rings overview · Timeline-based UI · Milestones · Year in review · HTTPS · Backstage updates · vNext changelogs · Version share history · New platforms · Full coverage of Windows 10

164 453 +107 365


375 184 +249 765

page views

Not actually by Insiders: I'm alone, royal "we", in comparison with 2015, 2015 visitors and page views data starts in May 2015

A short word

2016 has been an amazing year for us Windows Insiders. And we owe it all to Gabriel Aul, Dona Sarkar, the team behind them and the Windows team as a whole. So - I guess I can say this - in name of the Windows Insider community I would like to say "Thank you".

To the visitors of ChangeWindows, I would also like to express my gratitude. It is amazing to be part of this community and it is to see ChangeWindows grow, and that wouldn't have been possible without all of you.

I hope you have all celebrated the holidays with your family and friends, walked into the New Year with your loved ones. 2017 has started, and there is a whole road ahead. For all of us. For each of us.

Thank you, and I'll see you in 2017
- Yannick · studio384

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